Gina carano dating gsp

There are a slew of athletic pairings that would go nicely together.

Kim Kardashian has had her share of men, particularly athletes, but she's no athlete herself. Remember, there are many other women involved in sports besides the almighty Kim K. Here are eight pairings that would go well together as couples.

There's a reason why they call this man "Showtime."These two would make a great, tough couple.

There are things in soccer that only Ronaldo can do, same goes for Brady in football. One day, she will definitely hold the Strikeforce Women's Middleweight Championship.

Ronaldo has been with just about any woman in the world that you can name. Stokke is the only reason that anyone (man) in the world has an interest in pole vaulting. Anthony Pettis is one of the most dynamic fighters in all of MMA. 1 Contender to Lightweight Champion Frankie Edgar's belt.

As the quarterback, a great deal of this falls onto his shoulders.

Diana Taurasi could help Sanchez overcome these playoff woes and possibly "toughen" him up.

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