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The below information will give you a brief snapshot of New Zealand, including everything from driving distances, history and culture, holiday packages, regional information, weather and much more.A range of tourism operators in New Zealand offer accessibility within their business so that all travellers can stay, play, get around and enjoy all that New Zealand has to offer.We guarantee a warm welcome and an itinerary that makes the most of your valuable vacation time. (Holiday Deals) The New Zealand Tourism Guide is a comprehensive online directory of tourism and travel companies and contains over 12,000 New Zealand accommodation, attractions, tours and transport listings plus great visitor holiday and vacation information.

New Zealand has a fine range of education centres and training schools catering to a wide range of interests...(Use the Distance Calculator) To find your ideal New Zealand driving route, simply select which major centre you plan to start from.You'll be offered a recommended route, followed by a list of other possible routes. Each route is made up of several days and includes information on what to see and do...It's simple and easy to use, plus you can print out the directions if needed.Simply choose your departure point and destination, then add in any towns that you'd like to visit along the way...

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