Frog prince dating couple meets for first time after dating for 5 years

Combined with the disturbing number of black men in prison, that means 47 percent of all African-American women today never marry.

With those numbers, I say it's time for many black women to start thinking, and acting, like Tiana.

Mandy’s story is good example of being resilient, after kissing a stinky frog.

Stay tuned for more Mandy adventures — as this perseverant and lovely women continues her quest to find her prince (and kiss some frogs along the way)!

The 30-year-old Prince is alleged to have enjoyed a passionate romance with a stunning half-Brazilian socialite, Antonia Packard, who is reported to be ‘taking society by storm’ with her equally sultry sister, Tessa.

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Sometimes, he’ll even be named “Charming.” Or maybe just Eric.

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