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As Chas waited for me in the hall to come down from getting ready I was thinking of what may happen that night, how far I would want to go. I was dressed in a very short tight skirt which just about covered my ass and was split to the waist on one side.My musing was cut short when I appeared at the top of the stairs. When I bent over you could see my tiny red thong panties I was wearing.The men were going wild, shouting and whistling until one of the men climbed up onstage and said“I can do that for you honey,” and with that began to finger me himself, inserting one, then two fat grubby fingers up my cunt and frigging me hard.I was moaning and arching my back as he brought me to an orgasm there on the stage, I screamed out as he did so.“Time I had some fun as well,” He said as started to unfasten his dirty jeans.“Fuck the whore,” I heard a female voice shout out to a chorus of others shouting the same. I could see his large unwashed cock, precum showing on the tip and dirty looking and the base of the head of his cock. I reached up taking hold of his big fat hard cock and guided it to my open cunt.“Get your fucking cock in me,” I shouted at him.

Not that he was complaining as I was an reasonably attractive sexy women, and one hell of a fuck.

As he banged away all the other men had moved to the front, a lot of them on the stage watching and waiting their turn.

The women had moved up also and were shouting abuse at me and urging all the men to fuck the cum slut legless, bore out her holes with their cocks good.

I hungrily took him in and licked and sucked until all traces of cum and dirt had been cleaned from it, then went down to his ball bag and sucked and licked all around his sweaty smelly sack, sucking his balls into her mouth and up to his ass hole until all off him was clean.

By now another cock was pounding into my cunt and another man had positioned himself at the top of me.

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