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In time, you can end up with hundreds of these files that may slow down your computer and cause software to lock up, requiring a hard reboot of your computer.Now you can quickly and effectively remove all those obsolete registry entries and speed up your system like it was when it was new.Skype already has a bunch of fun preloaded emoticons for you to choose from, like the Emo guy (emo), the dancing guy (\o/) and, of course, the ever popular puking smiley (puke).But there are loads of hidden Skype emoticons that you can access… With the cheat sheet below, you’re all set to wow your friends in Skype chats. Note: They’re all animated, so just type the codes into a Skype chat to see ‘em in action.Images can also be loaded in, as support is provided for image files up to 100 kb in size.The program has many customizable options and is highly intuitive and simple to use.And you want all this for free, then there is a service just made for your. Ultra VPN is a client/server SSL VPN solution based on Open VPN.

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This program now includes integration with Text to Speech and flashcards can now be read out by the Microsoft agent characters.

Using the simple Wizard, Tweak MASTER can easily double your download speeds and make 'Surfing the Internet' a truly exhilarating experience. It works with Dial-Up, ISDN, Cable Modem, and Ethernet cards.

Includes full logging capabilities, an auto-hide feature and a handy stopwatch which accurately times your downloads and reports the average transfer rates, plus full compatibility with all current versions of Windows.

Its servers are based in France and so you are given an IP based in France for your Internet connections.

I found the browsing fast enough for similar services.

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