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In mythic times, when magick coursed free and unbound through the veins of the land, our ancestors walked as goddesses and gods across the becoming-moment.The myth-landcape was formed from their migrations and universes were born from their footsteps.Although heavily informed by my taste, TARDIS Eruditorum is not a series of reviews; it’s a cultural history of Britain that uses Doctor Who as its lens and subject.(As my pitch goes these days, “you can tell a lot about what Britain is afraid of at any given moment by looking at ...And the US has its first domestically diagnosed Ebola case in Dallas. I can still vividly remember the first time I watched .There’s a rare experience occasionally generated by art, best described as a high or altered state.In the telling, the Past becomes a distant country from whence we are separated by Time and Tide.Your ancestors are There, because They cannot be Here.

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The Chosen Warrior-Hero God-King must come of age, become anointed, take a throne and lead his people to victory in battle before retiring and passing his crown on to the next generation. In our language, we call this canon, and the canon of the aristocratic literate patriarchy stands in stark contrast to the cyclical deep time of the feminine and feminine understanding.Still, it’s the sort of idea that if you asked a casual fan if had ever been done, they’d assume it must have been; it’s self-evidently a Doctor Who idea.In practice the Boneless aren’t quite as crisply realized as the Mummy—their rules ... Meghan Trainor is at number one with her body positivity anthem “All About That Bass.” Lower in the charts are Magician, Sigma, and, yet again, Taylor Swift, who has been in with “Shake it Off” consistently since “Into the Dalek” aired.In news, Douglas Carswell wins reelection as a MP, this time as a UKIP member, while the US Supreme Court declines to hear a variety of appeals on same-sex marriage cases, making it legal in all but twenty states.On television, meanwhile, the consensus best story of Series 8, and, for some tranches of fandom, the Capaldi era. There’s a longstanding tendency in TARDIS Eruditorum where well-liked stories come in for a bit of a kicking.

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