Eset internet updating

This is great for getting a 1,000-foot view of your security posture, but viewing the results can be an alarming experience if you've been downloading dodgy executables and visiting torrent trackers.It's possible to scare yourself when you see something highlighted in red.Though this is still higher than products offering 10 or even unlimited installations for well under £100, ESET has some genuinely features that make it well worth your consideration.You can see alternative options in our round-up of the best antivirus 2018.

Banking and Payment Protection is done using a secure browser, which is based on Mozilla Firefox.Nothing is stored that can be used to identify you. It's also good to see an AV product with a direct link to a rescue disc.This is a piece of software you can download and install on a CD/DVD/USB drive, then use it to boot the computer.Luckily, you can right-click an entry and search for it online to check out what the offending items are, and whether they're genuine threats.The social media scanner is probably going to be a curiosity for most people, but if you're very socially active online, you can check that there are no links to malicious sites or other threats lurking in your timeline on Twitter and Facebook.

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