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Indianization of Asia was entirely peaceful, never resorting to physical force or coercion to subvert local cultures or identities, or to engage in economic or political exploitation of the host cultures and societies.

Its worldviews were based on compassion and mutual exchange, and not on the principle of conquest and domination.

There was also trouble from other quarters, and the period from 1600 to 1663 was marked by continual wars with the Dutch, who were laying the foundations of their rich empire in the East Indies, and with Moro pirates.It is inferred that the Funan, Shalendra, and Mahapahit kingdoms had relations with the Philippines.At present Manila is the capital of the Philippines.The first large empire to make Sumatra its home was Sri Vijaya in the 7th century, also the first Hindu kingdom of Indonesia.They controlled not only this empire but also most part of the Indonesia and Malay Peninsula.

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