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Feel free to drop a comment on this Android Autocomplete Text View with database example.

Array Adapter; public class Custom Auto Complete Text Changed Listener implements Text Watcher On the next post, we’ll have this code with a custom Array Adapter so you can style the drop down that appears, see you!

Log; public class Database Handler extends SQLite Open Helper package com.example.autocompletetextviewdb; import android.content. On windows PC default location of the WAMP installation is C:\wamp. make Service Call() method should be called to make http calls. Create a new project in Eclipse from File ⇒ New ⇒ Android Application Project. DOWNLOAD CODE FROM GITHUBHere are some approaches that i think of which may help you based on your circumstances.The first approach if you consider, the response time and delay is high and user may or may not get search suggestions for entered query.

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