Driver sr need updating

Other tools can be used to update firmware, but they are not in the scope of this guide.

For example, users can always update device drivers through the operating system.

Unless explicitly mentioned, this guide always recommends that you use the UXSP for updates, not the individual packages.

Use the following flow chart to determine the best tool to be used when updating the firmware and device drivers, based on your environment. Update process flow (click for a larger version) This introductory guide is focused on the following tools: XClarity Essentials Bootable Media Creator Bootable Media Creator (Bo MC) is ideal for pre-operating-system firmware updates and for updates to “desktop-less” operating systems, such as VMware ESXi, Windows Server Core, or Nano: We describe One CLI in the One CLI section below.

Tip: Install all the hardware components (modules, adapters, and drives) and power on the system at least once before updating the entire system, so that everything will be activated, detected, and updated together.If you are managing a few servers interactively and have no operational constraints, such as Internet access, this is the place to start.This guide will present three simple interactive tools, which are part of the XClarity Essentials toolset: A subsequent guide will provide advanced level instruction to users managing a complex mix of servers and operating systems.There are several reasons for updating firmware and drivers: Lenovo actively works with the major software partners to certify our servers for their software, and vice-versa.We also provide our device drivers to be included in their official software release, such as Windows Server, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, and VMware ESXi.

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