Double your dating sales funnel liquidating equity

They're not looking two or three steps down the road. What I truly believe is that the days of being able to just sell one product and just have one transaction and have that be a full-fledged business are gone.

Certainly, even if someone out there says, "Well, I'm making it work." You really should be looking down the road and thinking about product number two and product number three and developing trust and authority with your audience.

The only way to deal with it is by using the good old-fashioned scarcity.

That is why I'm excited to bring you today's guest. He created software that revolutionized the internet marketing industry. Jack has created AW Pro Tools, a software puts AWeber on Steroids.

That's my viewpoint on why people use fake scarcity.

Igor: Personally, I think they're just lazy to go out there and to figure out how to install these timers and how to use the scarcity properly, it's a difficult task. And you have to deal with lots and lots of technology, a challenge, which I believe you kind of stumbled into before you created Deadline Funnel, when you were working for Perry and you had to develop this robust timer that would fit into your system. So for most people, dealing with scarcity timers, dealing with scarcity technology, thinking through the entire campaign in terms of scarcity, is a really difficult thing to do. I agree that most people out there who sell products are honest, that they don't attempt to scam people, they don't try just to make a quick buck.

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So the reason why they're using it at all is because they know on some level that it works. Because people who use fake scarcity or fake urgency are taking a very short-term view of their business.Some people have seen will put a countdown timer on their sales page, and we've all seen this where you forget to buy something and then you come back the next day the tab is still open and the countdown rolls back, it resets, even though the page says, "Hey, this deal ends tonight." So people try to do it in an evergreen fashion because they also are savvy enough to understand the power of marketing automation.But again, they either don't know how to do authentic evergreen urgency, they don't know that there are options out there, like our software, or they know and they're just being too cheap, or they don't see their business as an asset the way that they should if they're taking a long-term view.Although he doesn't own that anymore, he continues to improve our lives as marketers. It's a software that allows you to inject real scarcity into almost any offer, even if you don't control it.Yes, even if you're an affiliate marketer you can inject real scarcity into the offers you're promoting and make more money sometimes you can double your conversions if you do it right.

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