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XMLEntity Manager.start DTDEntity(Unknown Source) [java] at org.apache.

* * @return newly created document builder * * @throws XMLParser Exception thrown if their is a configuration error with the builder factory */ protected Document Builder create Builder() throws XMLParser Exception /** * Creates a plan loader that uses the specified module factory, converter factory and document builder.

* @param factory the JAXP Document Builder Factory that the Document Builder should be created with * @return the JAXP Document Builder * @throws parsers.

Parser Configuration Exception if thrown by JAXP methods */ private Document Builder create Document Builder(Document Builder Factory factory) throws Parser Configuration Exception /** * Return true is the WSDl version is 2.0, false othervise * @param xml Source The WSDL File to check * @return True if the document version is 2.0, false otherwise * @throws Exception If a problem occurs */ private boolean is Wsdl2(String xml Source) throws Exception /** * Replaces the given plug-in-versions in given feature.xml-File. NOTE: this file will be changed and thus must be writable * @param qualifier The new version for this feature.

* @param module Factory module factory used to instantiate modules * @param converter Factory parameter converter factory used to convert parameter values * @param doc Builder document builder used to parse XML files * @param custom Entities * @throws Plan Exception */ public Plan Loader(Module Factory/** * Create a JAXP Document Builder that this bean definition reader * will use for parsing XML documents.

Can be overridden in subclasses, * adding further initialization of the builder.

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