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The Exe Estuary is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and is noted in particular for its wading and migrating birds.

A large part of the estuary lies within a nature reserve.

There are five wards each electing five town councillors thus 25 town councillors in all.Geologically, the low hill known as "The Beacon", in the centre of the present town, is formed of breccias that are an outcrop of a similar formation on the west side of the Exe estuary.The rising land on which the town has grown is formed of New Red Sandstone.Visitors prevented from visiting Europe by the revolutionary turmoil in France were attracted by the views and medicinal salt waters which were then fashionable. It is from this "golden age" for Exmouth that the present form of the town can be traced.Exmouth has a wide range of architecture, ranging from small cob cottages in parts of the town that were once villages and are now incorporated into it, such as Withycombe, to the Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian town houses. High above the promenade is the Beacon terrace, which first became fashionable in Georgian times.

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