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And somewhere along the way, between the education, NBA teams' emphasis in recent years on sports science, and the professionalization of the professional athlete, alcohol has developed a stigma among players. Augustin, who has played for eight NBA teams in nine professional seasons, remembers his personal trainer showing him the injury study."From the teams I've been on, nobody drinks on the plane," Augustin says. Guys are being smart about their bodies and their careers.

Although clubs in some cities, notably Miami, still draw NBA stars, players as a rule seem more wary of booze. Taking care of your body is the biggest thing."John Lucas, a former No.

If you'd happened to be a passenger on one of those commercial flights that NBA players used to fly, what you would have seen was booze. Just as commercial NBA flights fell out of fashion and team charters became the rule, "alcohol kind of stopped," Karl says.

You'd have seen it after games, too -- in coolers in locker rooms, provided by the home team as a "general courtesy," according to one NBA trainer. "In general, players have become very serious about their profession.

And because alcohol is a diuretic, a player urinates more, which leads to dehydration.

"Just a 2 percent decrease in body weight through dehydration has a significant effect on physical performance," Barnes says.

It causes the body's immune system to become more vulnerable to infection and illness.Something strange happens when NBA teams play on the road these days, a trend line that baffles statheads.In the 1987-88 season, home teams won an astounding 67.9 percent of games, boasting an average win margin of 5.8 points, the highest on record.Typical flights operate between 10 percent and 20 percent humidity in the cabin, drier than the Sahara.If an NBA player downs a six-pack or a bottle of wine on a flight across the country, his body will be operating at a significant loss.

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