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The “Dates Set-up” figures are the total number of FIRM dates we set-up.So if a woman said, “maybe sometime next weekend”, that didn’t count. The number of email responses received was the total number of responses from REAL women.Many men, though, prefer to look for women on free sugar daddy sites.

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Old Europeans do not “waste” money to find their “soulmate” on the World Wide Web, but according to recent research conducted by the analytical company Jupiter Research, online dating grew by 43 percent in the European market in 2005 alone.In principle, dating sites on the Internet are as similar to each other as clones.But on some sites users need to pay for services, while others are completely free.All 5 of the recommended singles sites have a reasonable male to female ratio.The advice we teach in our singles dating guide can also be very helpful to the ladies out there.

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