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“Austin seems to be so calm and even-tempered so far.

We are so in love with him and are patiently waiting for Addison to arrive to meet her sweet baby brother!

The ones I love, he cannot get on board with and vice versa.” But the difficulties didn’t end there: Pappas Stagliano was sick for weeks at the start of her pregnancy and tried to find the perfect balance for her growing family.

“Sadly, this pregnancy has been much harder than when I was pregnant with Addison.

” RELATED: De Anna Pappas Stagliano’s Pregnancy Blogs But despite the struggle, Pappas Stagliano admitted it was well worth it as she counted down the days until her son’s arrival.

Former Bachelorette winner Jesse Csincsak, who split with De Anna Pappas in 2008, and his wife Ann Lueders welcomed son Noah Theodore today.Lueders, a former Bachelor contestant, gave birth to the 7 pound, 4 ounce bundle of joy.Ann and Jesse got married in Las Vegas last summer.Jesse Csincsak and Ann Lueders are no longer The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, having tied the knot at Rumor Hotel in Las Vegas Saturday night."I've waited for this moment my whole life," Csincsak said.Jesse Csincsak and Ann Lueders, his girlfriend, are getting married.

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