Dealing with intimidating personalities Real adult chatrooms no java

In extreme cases they can be intimidating know-it-all's.Directors are generally not into small talk; they want the facts in order to make a decision as quickly as possible.I like to use the "my" test on this personality type.

" Their response might be something like, "I think it looks good and I think you should carry it. Let me see it." The bottom line is to include them in any way you possibly can, because they want to feel a part of the decision making process.This personality type places likeability as one of the most important buying criteria.If they don't like you they are not going to do business with you. If you talk to them like an Analytical, with facts and figures, they will shut right down.As retailers, we deal with many different personality types on a daily basis.Of course each customer is unique, but there is universal agreement that there are four basic personality types.

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