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Whenever I read articles like this or this or I have a suspicious encounter with someone, all I have to do is remember that Harriet Tubman went through a lot worse. When I'm the only woman in a staff meeting and I feel like my voice isn't being heard, all I have to do is think of Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin (thanks Neil degrasse Tyson! This alienation happens more than I would like to admit, because I'm NEVER around people like me.When someone makes a "40-year-old virgin" joke within earshot or playfully teases a friend that "they need to get laid"...when someone nudges me and asks if I've been on any hot dates lately, I have little in the way of a defense mechanism to counteract the negative feelings.Last night I came across yet another sad internet posting from a teenager bemoaning her virginity, absence of a boyfriend, and her fear of never having one. I told her that even if she never found a boyfriend, life would still be okay. Remarkably, I was the only one who said anything like this. But I do find myself thinking about people who aren't dangerous like he was, but who are still suffering from pain like his.It was a sad post, one revealing a ton of self-hatred and despair. " and "You gotta love yourself before anyone else will love you, gurl! These people can't possibly be productive citizens if they are loaded down with that much misery.

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