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Through this "guru" I managed to meet up with some other like-minded gu s who were interested in this stuff... This was about the same time the Internet was starting to play a role in society ...

so I decided to try the whole "email" thing out, and make my own email list for guys who were interested in improving their success with women. Over the next few weeks my inbox was FLOODED with new mail.

The next few years were filled with "hit and miss" successes and lean times. I was secretly worried it might NEVER happen for me.

Several guys turned me on to other secret places on the Internet where this stuff was being discussed.I started to hunt out for men with skills - when I found out about someone who was successful with women, I wanted them to be on the mailing list and I wanted them to send in their thoughts. people began sharing their very best tips and strategies---stuff they had worked years to develop and to claim newfound fame among their peers.Newbies were free to ask questions which the "gurus" fought to I couldn't understand how she couldn't see that I was a good guy.I learned rather quickly that there was a lot more to meeting a woman and getting her interested than just having the nerve to go up and talk to her.

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