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On Wednesday, 10 April 1912 the RMS Titanic crossed the English Channel and docked here at pm local time before raising anchor at pm local time and sailing to her final stop Queenstown, Ireland.

Cherbourg-en-Cotentin is located at the northern tip of the Cotentin Peninsula, in the department of Manche, of which it is a subprefecture.

In the 1990s, a deviation from the road, now European routes E03 and E46, referred traffic through La Glacerie and Tourlaville on a three-way axis from La Glacerie, to the Penesme roundabout at Tourlaville and then a dual carriageway to a roundabout located between Collignon Beach and the Port des Flamands.

An extension to Cherbourg is in the works, with the doubling of the bridge over the Port des Flamands, to ensure a continuity of the dual carriageway to the commercial port in Cherbourg.

The streams of the Bucaille and the Fay, which watered the Croûte du Homet, disappeared in the 18th century during the construction of the military port.

Cherbourg-en-Cotentin has a temperate oceanic climate. Its maritime character causes high humidity (84%) and a strong sea wind, commonly stormy but also low seasonal variations of temperature and few days of frost (7.3).

After the completion of the bypass east of the agglomeration, a western bypass project is under study, and a 'zone' corresponding to the future final route has been selected.Similarly, upgrading to a dual carriageway for access of Maupertus Airport is envisaged.The D650 is used to connect Cherbourg to the west coast of the Cotentin peninsula.The influence of the Gulf Stream and the mildness of the winter allow the naturalisation of many Mediterranean and exotic plants (mimosas, palms, agaves, etc.) which are present in the public and private gardens of the city, despite average insolation.Historically, Cherbourg-en-Cotentin is at the western end of Route nationale 13, which runs through the city by the "Rouges Terres" and the Avenue de Paris, from La Glacerie.

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    Derry is set in a beautiful location having been built on sloping hills set against the backdrop of the Inishowen mountains at a curve on the river Foyle and is one of the longest, continually inhabited places in Ireland with a record of monastic settlement dating from 545A. ‘The Derrie’, or ‘the oak-grove’, was an island area situated on the Foyle and became a settlement of strategic importance but remained an isolated outpost until the late sixteenth century.