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If the order is violated, you should also tell the police and prosecutor anything that leads you to believe the defendant knew about the order.Regardless of what court you obtain it in, the restraining order is valid throughout Massachusetts, and in most other states, until the expiration date listed on the order.It is important that you include information in your application about where the abuser can be found to make sure police and court staff can deliver the order to the abuser in person.If the judge finds that your abuser has caused or attempted to cause you physical harm or placed you in fear of imminent serious physical harm, the judge will give you a temporary restraining order.Restraining Orders A restraining order, generally speaking, is a command from a court telling an abuser not to abuse you, not to contact you, and to stay away from you.

Designated prosecutors in the county’s busiest district courts — the Boston Municipal Court’s Central, Dorchester, Roxbury, and West Roxbury divisions, plus Chelsea District Court — track repeat offenders, handle the more serious district court cases and act as liaisons to the Domestic Violence Unit and the community.

But keeping the door open for a victim to come to you for help is very important.

Tell the victim that no one deserves to be beaten, offer to help in whatever way you can, and keep the lines of communication open so that when the victim is ready to leave, she or he knows there are people she can count on and who will support her or him.

It is during this “honeymoon” phase that an abused partner may come to forgive the abuser, believe that it will never happen again, and continue the relationship.

This phase may then flow into another tension-building phase culminating in an even more violent event and increasing the risk to the abused partner.

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