Dating via email

If you have a particular area that you want to work on, such as verb tenses, gender, sentence structure, expressions, spelling, etc., you can ask your partner to pay closer attention to that area when giving corrections.

You can also translate part of your message, or ask your partner to do it.

You can search by many criteria to quickly find a penpal you want.

If you are learning Spanish for example, you can find Spanish penpals in the country or city of your choice!

Other advantages include both parties improving their reading skills.

This helps your vocabulary, idioms, natural syntax, etc., and you will also get some practice writing in your practicing language, but not so much that it becomes overwhelming.

More reasons to use both languages, especially during live practice.

I'm entrusting this tool to you with the understanding that Distilled readers will use it sensibly.To start, you need to find a penpal (or penpals) from the sections above - a native speaker of the language you are practicing who also wants to practice through an email exchange.In your emails, we strongly recommend that you write in both languages.Remember that you'll have to be logged into your Google account in order to make your own copy of the document.UPDATE 2014: Constant changes at Gmail have meant that the actual way to use this has changed over time.

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