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I guess my point is, it doesn't really matter, as long as all the other important elements are there.Tall, dark and handsome is/was a phrase coined by novelists & it references the eponymous hero.Maybe it is in my upbringing (dark hair amongst all my male relative) Something that I have become accustomed to. But ..same could be said of fair haired, fair skinned females. I used to love blonds but goodlooking dark-haired men just seem to be more plentiful.or does that fit into the damsel in distress syndrome. There's nothing like a pair of gorgeous green or blue eyes though, and you don't always find that with someone who has dark hair.I don't think it is ground in reality and seems to be the exclusive province of tedious romantic literature.It's similar to the misconceptions surrounding the popularity of blondes.

Most of them will love to have their men for a longer time.The narrative is, however, changing with most ladies now shifting from tall to short men.The short guys have turned the tables in the favor, they are now winning more than ever.Hugging is easier: The same study found that ladies preferred shorter men since hugging and holding their hands is easier as compared to the tall ones.Respondents in this category further noted that kissing was also easier as they did not have to tiptoe.

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