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Not much is known about Jonathan Spence, Michael Jackson’s special friend from late 1984 to 1987 – and even while researching this story we found information about him hard to find. Before Jonathan, there was Emmanuel Lewis – Jackson’s previous special friend.

If you search, you can find plenty of information available for Lewis: he was already famous; he and Jackson were often photographed together; and many stories were written about their friendship.

He needed to allay the suspicions of those who might question the twenty seven year old pop star’s motives.

In Diane Dimond’s book , realtor Gloria Berlin stated that Jonathan’s father was “a screenwriter of some note who left the boy in the care of the Jackson family at Hayvenhurst so he could work in Europe”.

Jackson and Spence dueled with water pistols, ambushed crew members with pies, and conducted full-tilt food fights that virtually destroyed the interior of Michael’s luxury appointed trailer.

In actual fact both Gloria Berlin and Blanca Francia had been deceived.

Without the slightest hint of self-consciousness, he hugged, cuddled and generally displayed a considerable amount of affection toward the boy.

Spence fetched Michael water and orange juice and sat on his lap between takes.

They were seen any number of times nuzzling and hugging, and seemed to love playing patty-cake with one another. mistakenly identifies Spence as a ten year old, although this was a common theme running through our research – people continuously underestimated Spence’s actual age.

He may have been small compared to similarly-aged boys, although in the photos we’ve seen he doesn’t look as young as reports say.

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