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Its ability to move in many directions makes it prone to dislocation, and in younger people, sports injuries are a common reason.

Throwing or reaching for a ball puts the shoulder at risk because there is little that stabilizes the shoulder joint.

Usually, with anterior dislocations, the arm is held slightly away from the body, and the patient tries to relieve the pain by supporting the weight of the injured arm with the other hand.

Because the glenoid fossa (fossa = shallow depression) is so shallow, other structures within and surrounding the shoulder joint are needed to maintain its stability.While there may be pain and swelling at the end of the collarbone, the patient usually is able to somewhat move the shoulder itself.The shoulder is the most mobile and least stable joint in the body.Posterior dislocations are uncommon and are often associated with specific injuries like lightning strikes, electrical injuries, and seizures.On occasion, this type of dislocation can occur with minimal injury in the elderly, and because X-rays may not easily show a posterior dislocation, the diagnosis is often missed should the patient present for evaluation of shoulder pain and/or decreased range of motion of the shoulder joint.

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