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The most comprehensive account of railways in Sri Lanka. They will deliver by registered book post overseas.

Mostly deals with Sri Lanka Railways (formerly Ceylon Government Railways) but also has material on Port Authority Railway, etc. They offer an annual subscription for about Rs 830 (as of [1/01].

This book focuses on the early years of railways in India, with little corporate history and virtually no engineering history.

The many pictures in this book are rather poorly printed, and the production quality of this book is not very good.

The book describe historical and biographical incidents on Indian Railway.

It focuses on human elements, its development and potential and highlights the importance of research and technological upgradation of Indian Railways to effectively play its national and social roles. Brief history of Indian Rlys and the demands made on them by war and how they were met.

Usually including maps, charts, photographs and illustrations of rolling stock, etc.

[6/98] Rail Duniya is in Hindi and English at Rs 20/- per issue.

It is published quarterly, and is usually quite up-to-date with the schedules.

Included CD-ROM contains bibliography, the film 'Veiled in Vapour' by Gilbert Loreaux and Mukul Mangalik, statistics, and poems.

Rajendra Aklekar, an IRFCA member and journalist based in Mumbai, has compiled a history of the early railway lines in the Mumbai area, with numerous nuggets of information gleaned in his research over the years.

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