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I’ve been at the association for about a year now and have attended multiple of these committee meetings. During our summer meetings, he asked what I was up to after meetings, and I just happened to be meeting some friends not far from where he was staying (these were in my hometown), so I invited him along not thinking much of it. There were a couple of weird comments made during meetings, but I shook them off.It’s not unusual for our staff to have drinks/dinner/etc. I didn’t know him that well and I was sure it was innocent. It wasn’t totally appropriate, but he’s a beloved member here, and people see him going far with the association. This isn’t about you thinking too highly of yourself. I mean, in the most generous reading, he’s at a minimum trying to get to know you socially in a non-work way.What does NSA mean on dating ads - The Q&A wiki Free Dating Tips and Advice Dating Abbreviations on Pure™ What does Hwp Stand for in Personal Ads?

The saddest thing, though, is that there are a lot of sites out there that do more bad than good.

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While we want to toot our horn a bit about our prowess, it’s just something that we’ve had to work on…and these sites really helped!

They certainly didn’t do us any favors in school, and they aren’t doing us any favors now that we’re done.

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