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Charles Hotel in Richmond, and the family moved away from the estate and into a small house of their own.Tragedy struck, however, when in 1876 William was found drowned in the river.Many businesses are not ready for the aftermath of an active shooter incident, which will affect their very existence. Employers may face cases of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD); lawsuits from victims and family members; lawyers luring victims to file suits because of weak or non-existent workplace policies, procedures, and training; and a damaged reputation that will follow the business forever.Realizing that long-lasting effects of an incident cannot be handed over to law enforcement is a compelling reason to get serious about continuity planning.

Blackstone Group backed off a controversial bet on home builder Hovnanian Enterprises Inc. Gaza’s ruler Hamas on Wednesday declared a unilateral cease-fire with Israel, after a day of intense shelling from the Palestinian territory and retaliatory strikes raised concerns of an imminent wider conflict.

His death was ruled a suicide by police, though Elizabeth maintained that he had been murdered.

William's death left Elizabeth and her children in poverty.

Maggie's biological father was Eccles Cuthbert, an Irish American who had met Elizabeth on the Van Lew estate.

The two were never married, and shortly after Maggie's birth, Elizabeth married William Mitchell, the butler of the estate.

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