Dating rolex with serial numbers

Below is a list of all model reference numbers relating to the official Rolex model list that will be found on your watchcase or authenticity paperwork.

Please be advised that this is a guide and is not affiliated or produced by Rolex UK or Rolex international.

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The importance of the serial and model number identification system is that when buying any Rolex watch, you are confident in ensuring that the watch you are buying is correct to the year and model being sold by the seller.

The final failure of the watch can be put down to a number of factors but mainly to the fact that the Datejust was a more usable watch, it was easier to see the date through a window which was always in the same place rather than at the end of a moving arrow, the watch was intrinsically less waterproof than a Datejust due to the adjustment pushers which went through the case and there was also the fact that the watch looked very similar to triple calendar models produced by a wide variety of other companies; and of course, in the end people buy watches to perform functions they need and who really needs to know the phases of the moon? The Convair 440 was a Turbo Prop; not a Turbo Jet.216 Column 2, 1st paragraph, line 6: should read “allegedly wore one in the movie “Winning”…….”Le Mans” starred Steve Mc Queen, please accept our apologies for confusing these two screen icons.331 The A. Oliver case making workshop was moved to Liverpool Museum, not the Prescot Museum381 Appendix 3Updated, enlarged and revised list follows: There has never been full agreement about the case numbers on early Rolex Oysters.

The company have refused to release details from their archives and the market has been left to flounder around with insufficient data to establish a correct dating/serial number sequence.

The hallmark on each watch case comprised three parts; a standard mark, giving the purity of the metal (silver, 9/14/18/22 carat gold), the assay office mark (where it was hallmarked) and the date letter (the year it was assayed).The serial number chart is a good guide in checking the date of the watch, and by this we mean confirmation of the year of production when the watch was registered at Rolex from the point of manufacture.You can cross-reference this with your certificate that should accompany the watch even if this is not the original Rolex certificate but another form of authenticity that you are happy to except when buying a pre-owned Rolex watch.Starting in 2008, Rolex stopped engraving the serial number at the case 6 o'clock location, using only the “rehaut” location.By 2010 this practice had gradually transitioned to all models.

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