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Both Mr Vikeev and his mother – also pictured exclusively today – have gone into hiding since the Skripal attack and are being protected by Putin’s agents, according to well-placed sources.

FSB commanders have even blocked access to Moscow authorities who want to interview Mr Vikeev as part of a Russian probe into the case, it was claimed.

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Miss Skripal and Mr Vikeev had recently celebrated his 30th birthday together and he was the last person to talk to her on the phone from her aircraft as she prepared for take-off in Moscow.

Mr Vikeev deleted his social media profiles and pictures soon after the poisoning on March 4. One close acquaintance said: ‘No one saw him and he stopped communicating.

He did not answer calls or text messages.’The FSB is seen as being behind several assassinations of President Putin’s enemies, including former spy Alexander Litvinenko who was killed in London in 2006 by polonium poisoning.

Britain has claimed the Skripals were poisoned with a Novichok nerve agent developed in Russia.

But unfortunately, the majority of these agencies appear to be not honest.

The mysterious fiance of Salisbury attack victim Yulia Skripal allegedly works for a shadowy organisation which is part of Vladimir Putin’s feared FSB intelligence service, The Mail on Sunday has learned.

Stepan Vikeev – seen clearly for the first time in our exclusive picture – vanished after Yulia and her double agent father Sergei Skripal were poisoned with a Russian nerve agent last month.

Our disclosures deepen suspicions that Mr Vikeev and his mother had a role in the Skripal poisoning which Britain has blamed on Russia.

A UK intelligence dossier recently revealed Russian hackers had spied on Yulia’s emails since 2013 in a bid to track her and her father’s lives.

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