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Three others were stamped from sheet metal (Eureka, Sheet Brass Gothic, Proco) and another four (Angell, Utility, Vise, Acme Correspondence) were made by folding small pieces of resilient sheet steel.

One (Nifty) was made by bending a wire into a spiral and then flattening it.

This speculation is based at least in part on references to "Gem Paper Fasteners" in publications dating from 18; these publications did not contain either illustrations or verbal descriptions of these fasteners.

By contrast, early paper clip advertisements do not refer to staples. Many additional designs that are not shown here were patented.

Why were paper clips sold in so many different designs? As a result, other manufacturers had to come up with different designs. Presumably most of these were not advertised widely or for long, if at all.

In 1918, the brand name "Fay" was used by the American Clip. A third paper clip was patented by Frank Angell in 1889.

The Gem paper clip, which was never patented, but which became by far the best selling paper clip in the U.

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