Dating love send thread

But I’ve had my eye on Denko since high school, and… I’m bored - Can we go see the cherry blossoms at night?

(´・ω・`) Okay, I’m going to try calling again with that.

(´・ω・`) #2ch His brother is definitely looking like the real target here…

If I heard an email alert going off several hundred times a day… #OP Well, I’d be happy if I got that many emails from her… ” I suppose you must have left them in your mother’s stomach…

It’s so easy to confess in games, but so hard in three dimensions… Back then, I thought, “Why does this girl not have the wings an angel should have?

Apparently her schedule was packed at work, so she said some other time! When I sat next to her in class, I often borrowed her notebooks and erasers and we became friends. (´・ω・`) #2ch That’s probably because you were the one looking, creep. After 600 emails, even if she DID like you before, you’ve ruined it. But she’s probably a nice girl if she isn’t admitting it. [He’s a former actor] My friend says she wants to go drinking with your brother, me, and you. #2ch I was wondering this whole time why Denko didn’t reject the OP, but now I think I know.

And she said she was sorry she was too busy to reply to my emails. I was worried what might happen since I’m so bad at talking to girls, but I guess I managed… #2ch “Some other time” = “never talk to me again you creep” #2ch Okay, she hates you, no doubt. Denko’s smart and kind, so she was like everyone’s role model. Denko getting 600 emails from a guy who isn’t even her boyfriend is no doubt going to scare her. *crying emoticon* Oh, also, I saw your brother on TV again!

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