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Most of the sites I found offer comment forums where POF users can talk about the negative experiences they’ve had there.

The few that I checked out were almost overwhelmingly populated by cheesed-off men.

Being separated, I specified that I was only looking to date and make new friendships.

All that I have had to show for my efforts despite dozens of e-mails is a whole lot of… I upgraded the photos and edited my profile in hopes of getting more dates.

Again this has been noted on many other review sites.

As for finding a match, I cannot say what it is like for people in other areas but it seems like women in Ontario have superficially high standards.

It does not matter if you are contacting average looking to hot women it’s all the same response. I've come across profiles to which they list just "looking for friends" and on their profile have some form of "write me and say hi! Either read or read/delete or mostly unread/delete.

A little more than four months ago, I joined (POF) in hopes of meeting someone new. I checked out the profiles of many interesting women. Ended up getting one date with someone who turned out to be incompatible.

My marriage had just ended and no prospect of reconciliation was on the horizon. So I went back to the drawing board and e-mailed more women.

As usual they would just check out my profile and move on without comment. Earlier today started a thread in the dating experiences forum about how I was unhappy with my lack of success on the site.

Plenty of Fish is interesting in that it offers users facilities other online dating sites (paid or otherwise) don’t. I noted that it seemed that a lot of women on the site were attention junkies – basically people who put up profiles for the sake of seeing how much attention they can get from men and nothing else.

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