Dating for parents of special needs children

And most people can imagine it to be true, because it usually doesn’t take long to realize that autism (and other special needs) can do a real job on a marriage.

Different people handle big events differently, and there’s no guarantee that you and your partner will handle things in a compatible way, starting with the diagnosis – if there is a diagnosis.

Spending money on it can also be difficult when you’re balancing it against this week’s organic food or speech therapy.At this point, it’s important to keep in mind that your kids are your top priority. Don’t settle for someone who doesn’t take it as seriously you do.They depend on you, and they are with you at least until they become adults. One last thing: If divorce is inevitable, find ways to remind yourself to love.I’m sure he was thinking it was what I needed – to get “away.” But more than getting away, I needed to reconnect with him.Everything was easier when I had a partner I could share things with than when I didn’t.

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