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One of the more recent examples (which went unanswered) was about a list of the "Best Cities for Food Trucks in the U.S." "Foodies today are considered 'hip,'" it read, as though it were written by someone's grandparents.

On a good day — or bad, depending on how you look at it — most people would qualify as a "foodie" to someone. When asked about the word in 2012, Philipino restaurateur Elbert Cuenca had this to say: It has come to the point of being bastardized. The answer, on the off chance there is any doubt, is not that many people.This is how he explained it: Everyone’s a critic, they say, and that’s certainly true of the food world today.Of course, everyone has always been a critic, in the sense that customers have always made the most basic judgment of all: Do I want to come back to this joint?Among them, is how Levy, one the term's pioneers, first encountered the term: as an insult.This is how he explained it in a 2007 piece published in The Guardian: In late 1981 Ann Barr, then features editor of Harper's & Queen, noticed the food world was shifting on its tectonic plates, and that perfectly sane people had suddenly become obsessed with every aspect of food.

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