Dating columbia 78 rpm records

It will be noticed that Purple Label list is relatively short, and that the names included constitute a rather odd collection.

The most worthy of inclusion was Ysaye, described in the catalogue, with some justification, as "The World's Greatest Violinist' Casals' earliest records also appeared in this series. Of greater consequence were Maria Barrientos, and Riccardo Stracciari, announced as 'One of the Pew Great Operatic Baritones' - a curious claim when one considers that Battistini, Ruffo, Amato and Sammarco were active at the time, but of course recording for other companies.

Unlike HMV, Columbia did not have a single 'International Celebrity' series with the same letter prefix for all countries of origin.

Furthermore, whereas around 1932 I HMV merged their 'intermediate' or 'domestic' Black Label with the Red Label series, Columbia discontinued their more expensive Purple Label series (although existing issues were still pressed with this label) in favour of the Light Blue Label series, which had corresponded to HMV's black.

Music Cataloging at Yale ♪ Sound recording cataloging General | Dating 78 RPM recordings: print | online | Catalogs by: company name: print | online | genre, medium of performance, etc.: print | online | performer: print | online | Library catalogs and national archives: print | online | Miscellaneous The 78rpm record home page Discography of American historical recordings _________________________________________ Print sources Daniels, William R.

The American 45 and 78 rpm record dating guide, 1940-1959.

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I have started to write information about each label but have a long way to go.The singers include some whose fame was short-lived (e.g. But the star attraction was of course Clara Butt, dozens of whose records will be seen to be listed.Also included in this volume are the few Columbia 'Society' issues. No attempt has been made to list the complete series with these prefixes, which were used also for 'private' issues about which little is known.There are numerous other books I have yet to obtain.Regarding the internet, a great resource for dating 78s from the 1940s and 50s is the online Google Books of Billboard magazine.

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