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If we don't stop this reptilian infiltration and takeover, our very existence as a race of people, living on our own mother planet, is in . At the same time, however, she wanted to help out against the reptilians and was instrumental in producing this book. His abduction is described, his remarkable abilities and characteristics, such as advanced mental abilities, and his cruelty and fundamental badness are also explained. Genetic samples Brian collects DNA samples, believe it or not, from women he seduces. They harden our arteries with a toxic substance found in a common food item -wheat. Once in debt, we are more susceptible to negative influences and they can control us better. Space stations They are actually in the earth's atmosphere. Once it was published, he had nothing to stop so he absolutely caused this book. And I must make it very clear that I would never in a million years commit suicide. He has a hidden strength and wisdom that didn't fit with his persona. He was able to memorize long telephone numbers with ease.

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These gorgeous ladies of lust, each of them possessing their own ASSets and talents, show us not what sex is, but just how fucking HOT sex can be!I'm especially impressed by the comments of our regular contributor and essayist, ZS Livingstone. My woman friend had a particularly hard time from him for she was a little psychic. This is how the alien looked: It was transparent - only energy.His letter is posted at the top of the Comments section. It had circular patterns like florets repeated through most of its body. However, it had a high dimensional vibration as though it should be good and loving, so this was confusing. It had a large body and the whole room seemed filled with it. Here Ettissh explains how they work behind the scenes in our Akashic records, which is where our past lives are kept. I believe that I am exceptional in that I have come to understand in full, one particular human/ reptilian and I have done it the hard way. I think you'll find the book extremely interesting and it will expose weapons and methods of harming that they do without us knowing about it. Plus, of course, how they intend to ( excuse the cliché but its true) take over the planet. There was Ettissh freely giving away this secret as bribery to have the spirit realm do as he wanted. I hope that by publishing this book, others will come forward who know what I know, but have not understood it.

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