Dating antique brass bed

There are 3 serious problems associated with antique iron frames: missing or badly-fitting side rails, broken hitches (the point at which the rails connects to the bed) and extreme rust Rails are not interchangeable.

The metal features a high carbon content that creates a smooth surface when the bed is cast.

Additionally, replica wrought iron beds are generally covered with a patina or painted black.

One of my favorite emails to open every day are the many photo’s people from all over the country send me of their iron beds.

No dust nor germs nor vermin can find lodgement in an iron bed." So was the cry heard from the iron bed makers in the late 1800's.

Instead of celebrating their product's elegant, sensual designs, warm colors and impressive craftsmanship, early ads for iron beds attacked the wooden competition as being unsanitary and likely to make you sick.

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