Current recordset does not support updating adodb Webcame online face to face sexy

I can not quite figure out an error I received while doing a query. Open my SQL,ado Connection,ad Lock Optimistic set rs Get Field = server. Recordset") my SQL = "SELECT ID, Field_Name, Field_Number FROM Field WHERE Inactive=0 AND Group Number=" & Session("Admin Group") & " ORDER BY Field_Name" rs Get Field.

The rs Get Team should be Null, but I'm not sure what it is. Recordset (0x800A0CB3) Current Recordset does not support updating. Connection String = Application("DB_DSN") ado Connection. Open my SQL,ado Connection,ad Lock Optimistic Al, I redid the entire page and got it to work without changing the connection or the queries.

Depending on your cursor type, you may need to call the Requery method to make the new record accessible.Depending on the functionality supported by the provider, some Recordset methods or properties may not be available. Recordset is the Prog ID that should be used to create a Recordset object.Existing applications that reference the outdated ADOR.Recordset Prog ID will continue to work without recompiling, but new development should reference ADODB. There are four different cursor types defined in ADO: Note To execute a query without using a Command object, pass a query string to the Open method of a Recordset object.However, a Command object is required when you want to persist the command text and re-execute it, or use query parameters.

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