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Thanks for sharing -- I'll pass this page link to Tracy, along with the folks at Internet Marketing Center/IMC, which Corey founded. thanks to all of you who've been sending in emails, I'm updating the site 3-4 times/day w/new emails...

(sorry I can't respond individually to each one), I'm just posting them here... as I read them, I'm reminded that it's the difference we each make in other people's lives, that matters... Emails Honoring and Celebrating Corey: Hello Ken, This is John Rudl, Corey's father.

Thank you to all those people who have taken the time to post their tributes.

If you did not know Corey personally, then you probably only saw the sales side of him. He loved life and he lived it with a positive passion.

He was a genuine leader in this whole internet marketing arena, made such a big difference to me .. I trust Corey's whole approach, and it works spectacularly, and now I feel like a rug has been pulled out from underneath me, and it's hard to deal with.

Corey's drive and ambition and "how he does things" was always in my mind whenever I worked on my businesses, kind of like having him sitting next to me, encouraging me on, through his teaching and from meeting and talking with him in person...have him taken away so soon, is a sad feeling, that I'll never be able to talk with him again at seminars, or to know that he's there in our corner, encouraging all of us to succeed.

I always remember his speaking in his first video from way back, onstage ...

Emergency personnel immediately responded and quickly extinguished the fire.

Mercy Air responded and airlifted Benjamin to Loma Linda University Medical Center where he was pronounced dead at AM. Email your thoughts about how Corey's made a difference in Your life to me at ken at (with email header "Corey Rudl"), and I'll post them here. Your stories & thoughts about Corey go here, let's hear them... Thanks to all who've been sending in emails from around the world.

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    “Time-Limited Licence” means a non-exclusive, temporary, revocable, non-transferable, non-assignable, terminable licence (without the right to sublicence) to use the Software in accordance with section 2.2 below, for a temporary period beginning on the Effective Date and expiring on such date as may be agreed in the Contract or otherwise specified by Transas (“Limited Term”).