Consolidating spreadsheets in excel

Also, there is a section that describes the add-in toolbar and how to work with it step-by-step.

Yes, we can make some parallels with Advanced Consolidation Manager from Mapilab: they both provide a “quick start” option, though use different approaches.

Then you choose the installation type: for you only, or for all users of the PC.

After restarting Excel, I saw the Consolidation Manager’s toolbar. When I say the immediate use, I mean you can start consolidating data from different Excel files right away. The Simple button opens the following menu: Yes, it is a familiar step-by-step wizard that has a short clear description of each step and a graphical scheme for each of its three functions.

My installation of this consolidation add-in went easily and smoothly.

At the first step, you select the installation language (in the current version English and Russian are available).

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