Console flicker updating when win32

Have you done anything to it or modified it in any way?For example, I usually use Marko Bozikovic's Console ( ) which flickers quite a bit (as it tries to keep up with the hidden Windows Console it uses).If I were an employer, anyone who deliberately disabled my company's software security by taking shortcuts with system() would find themselves in the unemployment line (and potentially worse -- depending how much damage is done before the error is discovered).JSYK To be specific when I press a character in the keyboard, the "box" move or the number swithces position or outputs an invalid input then repeat again until the correct position of number is attained. my Visual Studio 2008 said that I don't have a library of that. If you are using an old 16-bit DOS/Win 3.x compiler (like Borland C/C 4.0 or the like) then that is probably the source of the flickering.

The trick is, to paint the complete control into a memory device-context and copy it in the original DC via Bit Blt(). Because we don't erase the background anymore (see above), we need to erase the memory-device-context with the background-color of the control.All the standard Windows controls flicker if updated at frequent intervals.The solution to this problem is to implement a simple control yourself and use an off-screen DC to construct the image, which is then copied in total to the client area of the control window.I simply learned from those who actually know better than I, and so now I spread the knowledge so that you who read here may learn as well.Anyone who advocates you use system() to do stuff like clear the screen simply doesn't care about you, your job, or your company's assets and reputation.

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