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As you can see on the ground near the creek, tracks are nearly impossible to find this time of the year because of the leaves.

Ohio has always been on the NABS radar screen and has been a location where bigfoot has an extensive history.

Few people in the 50’s and 60’s chose to listen to the Native American about bigfoot, Ray did, and, he documented those conversations. Wallace did have a special insight into bigfoot and we will give the public the first look at these letters in the weeks to come.

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George saw this behavior as an issue in 1971 and we continue to see the same behavior in 2009.

Although personal issues originally took us to Ohio, it is bigfoot research that has kept us going back.

A review of the state map of Ohio in concert with reviewing sightings in the state we find that a majority of the sightings occurring in the southwest area of the state with a splattering of sightings throughout the state.

NABS happened to be based in an area called Ellsworth Township, approximately 25 miles southwest of Youngtown.

This area is a rural with rolling hills, farms and a mixture of new and older homes.

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