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" If so, you will be glad you found - Confidence With Women!

Do you find it difficult to meet, date and build strong relationships with today's "Modern Woman?

Be sure to buy the book and read it at least 12 times in order to fully absorb the material.

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As children, most of these guys tell me that they became the object of their mother's angst and frustration resulting them learning to become submissive, more feminine or "Beta Male" like in order to gain their mother's approval.

Today's "Modern Woman" is also a product of abuse during childhood. They are taught to be selfish, strong and independent.

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Since CONFIDENCE is the #1 quality women look for in a man, this material along with my coaching services will bring you significant success in your love life.I will then send you one (1) email response back with my advice, tips or answer within 24-48 hours or your payment. Be sure your include in your email: your question along with any supporting background information or details.If after 3 days you haven't received your answer, please check your spam folder.Picking the right affirmations, part 1 For this confidence technique to work you have to make sure you pick affirmations that resonates with you.There are tons of affirmation lists out there (here is one) that you can search through for inspiration.

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