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The CAC, IEB, or PRB may prove me wrong in some future decision.If you are researching a particular issue, please obtain copies of cited documents from the UAW and read them, to verify assertions I have made.If you attribute a quote, note the date as I update the manual periodically, and a later visitor might find the passage changed.A work of this scope by one person with no editor contains errors large and small.Hess v Local 287, 1 PRB 375, 379 (1966) ("The laws which a union adopts are, like any other laws, binding upon those who comprise its society....[E]ffective collective efforts depend for their success upon the degree of adherence by all who are involved....We are, of course, cognizant of the pattern that has come to exist in our society of business executives resigning to go into governmental service, and, in so doing, theoretically severing their connections with their former employer, only to return after such service to their old positions....

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Second, the UAW is united in militancy and solidarity.

As to corporations, the PRB compared them in one of its early decisions.

In 1957 Russell White resigned as president of UAW Local 652 in order to accept an appointment as Michigan's labor commissioner.

Most PRB decisions since the beginning of 2004 are downloadable below.

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