Communication dating tips secrets

However, it does not mean that we stop loving the other person, it’s just the ecstatic lovingness that characterizes the experience that goes away.And that’s usually when the real love starts to begin.” “This is one of the biggest mistakes in marriage,” says Michelle Afont, relationship expert and author of The Dang Factor: A No-Nonsense Lesson on Life and Love.No, you don’t have to be exactly alike, but seeking out someone completely different from you in every meaningful way is a recipe for disaster.“You must have some common interests and values,” says Lisa Helfend Meyer, family law attorney and founding partner of Los Angeles-based family law firm Meyer, Olson, Lowy & Meyers.

Unfortunately, not all love advice is created equal, and some of the most frequently-mentioned recommendations could potentially do more harm than good.

Who can really make a happy home with one foot in and one foot toward the exit?

” Having a life partner who loves everything you might sound great, but there’s often more than meets the eye in these partnerships.

“The vast majority of the time playing hard to get guarantees that both of you are going to end up alone,” says James Anderson, dating expert at Beyond Ages.

“The dating world is competitive and few people have the time to constantly pursue someone who is not demonstrating any interest.

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