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Problem: They liked Chris*Chris NEVER EVER talks about his dad OR his cancer experience.

The producers make them open up on these dates because it gets people emotionaly involved a lot quicker.

They give the contestants these belongings (which they never knew) before certian dates and ask them to tell the contestants about these items.

This gets them to open up and talk about things that are very personal. So Chris was a little dissappointed that they portrayed him as talking about his dad and cancer experience as much as they did.

HOWEVER, when the guys got to look through their purses they found condoms in Megans purse, but it wasnt appropriate to air condoms on ABC, so that part was never revealed (editing) to the audience.

He wasn't into Sasha from the beginning becasue she had such a strong personality and she claimed to be so well off.

She claimed she had the "golden ticket" and Chris said in his interviews he wasn't looking for a girl to take care of him.

Originally they told everyone to be themselves and see if you develope a connection, its reality.


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