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But then I added a lovely dollop to the top of the chili with some green onions and what a miraculous transformation – it tasted just like sour cream. So because of the extra inclusions we have some left overs… I recently dove into the vegan lifestyle and am sincerely enjoying cooking and tasting all these delicious flavors!

Reply Me and my husband just got done eating this and it was awesome! We aren’t vegan either, just trying to eat better so this review is for everyone….just eaters “used to” vegan food. I also pre-ordered the cookbook and can’t wait until March!

I had a little trouble making the sour cream in my Vitamex. I made this chili and sour cream for dinner tonight, and it was a SLAM DUNK. My beau and I will bring it for lunch tomorrow too. It has opened up a whole new world of culinary possibilities. After a cold, rainy day in Redondo Beach, I headed straight to the market, bought all the ingredients and made the yummiest chili! Reply Made this for dinner tonight paired with a hemp dressing “Caesar” salad and sourdough toast. My bf, who vehemtely hates sourcream was practically spooning the cashew cream from the blender into his mouth. And here I’ve been eating my vegan chili without the sour cream all this time… Reply I made this chili for my boyfriend and myself tonight and we both loved it! Thank you for the time and effort you have invested to help my family eat more healthy meals. I am looking forward to trying this recipe and enjoying it, as I have loved everything else! I cut up avocado as a topping, instead of, the sour cream. I make cashew cream variations all the time and have never had this problem. It’s the darnedest thing ;) Thank you, Chunky cashew in Vancouver :) Reply First of all, I have to say how ecstatic I am that I found your wonderful blog.

Would you recommend a hand blender to get a more creamy texture? Thanks so much for the inspiration :) Reply I made this Vegan Chili last night and it was delicious. :-) Reply I made this chili last night and it was delicious. He told me this was possibly the best meal I’ve cooked. I’ve been making veggie chilli for years using veggies ground but this was the first recipe I’ve tried that consisted of all beans and vegetable. Reply I just got around to making this, and OMG the sour cream is great! Unfortunately I had to leave out the tomato paste because I didn’t have any, but it still turned out great! It was 72 here in Arizona today, which just goes to show that you don’t need cold weather to enjoy a great bowl of chili :) Reply I made this yesterday and I have to say it’s delicious!! Reply I don’t ever comment on blogs like this but this is SO GOOD i had to say something!! I couldn’t find a place to comment so I thought I would add to this thread…. They are easy to follow, nourishing (for the mind and body), and extremely tasty! Reply Is it even possible that someone could eat this as is ? I have made it twice now and both times were a complete failure. My poor blendtec has developed a hernia on account of my insistent no avail! Its amazing and I am raving all about it since I made the No-bake Double Chocolate Torte for my mothers birthday a few days ago. I used hazelnuts and added 1 tablespoon of ground coffee in the Torte, and the Avocado moose was just as great with the natural sweetness from pure maple syrup. I love that you are so creative and innovative, and best of all VEGAN : D You totally rock!!!

Thank you for having so many recipes that stay to the natural side of vegan.

) it had that sour smell but when I tried it on its own I could taste all the components. I pinned it so I will always have the recipe at my fingertips. My mom even enjoyed it in our chili and she is a Dairy Queen!

I am not a vegan but I wanted to add something vegan to my diet. Reply I’ve just got this simmering on the stove now. So I will be trying out some of those recipes soon. So much to choose from and they all sound so delicious! Reply Hi Carrie, Thank you so much for your recipes! I had my doubts about the sour cream, but was amazed with the dreamy texture and flavor.

I’ve had a quick taste and think this is the best vegan chilli I have made so far. Reply My husband has always loved his mother’s chili, and I have been using her recipe since we were newlyweds several years ago. I just tried this recipe and it is on par with any chili I’ve made before, I did not miss the meat at all. My husband only got a small bowl, saying he wasn’t real hungry. I am a new reader on your blog and was tickled to hear about your good news this morning. I’ve been looking for ways to cut dairy (especially since I’m lactose intolerant) and that recipe looks like it’ll do just the job. I have a bunch of allergies and think I’ve come up with ideas for replacements for all except for bell peppers. Very good spice to it, and loved the al dente texture. The chili had a spicy kick to it, but the sour cream cooled it down. Reply I made this sour cream today because I’m on a 28 day dairy cleanse and I made tacos…

In about 12 hrs (I live in India) I get a really nice tangy probiotic yogurt. I wanted a quick, simple recipe to make after working all day.

I have read that you can use water kefir grains only with water for them to grow and be strong, so I just discard these grains after making the yogurt. I was excited to see a new recipe on your website Angela!

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