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The Case Files is where the information about the present mystery case is explained.

Once you are ready to play the game, click on the plane ticket to go to the new case location.

L1, L2, L2, UP, DOWN, DOWN, UP, R1, R2, R2 RIGHT, UP, R1, R1, R1, DOWN, TRIANGLE, TRIANGLE, X, CIRCLE, L1, L1 Grab a bicycle (this works better if your bike skills are all the way up) make sure you have a weapon you can fire on your bike, hold down L1, right as you release L1 to bunny hop fire your gun (your timing must be perfect but it gets easier), if your bike skills are high you will be able to clear stop lights and get on top of sum buildings easily! During game play press L1, L2, R1, R2, UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, L1, L2, R1, R2, UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT.

Take out the picture of Bess and George from the bag and is placed on the desk. Close observation of the wedge tail, large bill, shaggy breast ruff and elegantly long primary feathers lead to a wondrous conclusion.

Whatever vehicle the player is using becomes invulnerable and gains the old tank ability to instantly destroy anything it touches.

This applies to everything from the cars to motorcycles, golf carts, and even BMX bikes.

The Load folder has the list of the saved games that can be replayed. Nancy is asked to pose as a student named Becca Sawyer at the Waverly Academy.

She is to find out who has been writing threatening letters and causing accidents. Corine Myers: Talk completely with your roommate, Corine. Megan Vargas next door also went home because of an allergic reaction.

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