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In return, they receive returns on their hard work when the businesses they invested their time in do well, earning everyone more money.

Actors of the Librium Ecosystem will be incentivized to participate and bring value to the ecosystem, and rewarded Librium EQL based on their results.

The Librium Loan System allows you to invest time, working for Digital Partners through the Service Providers of the ecosystem.

To enable the Librium Ecosystem master plan, a token crowdsale event will be organized.

SPs are the apps of the ecosystem, whose role is to identify opportunity.

SPs leverage workers' skill by building tools and platforms, allowing them to bring value to digital partners.

The Librium Network will provide third party developers and businesses with tools to make pluging into the ecosystem a breeze.

The pool of apps, or Service Providers, will take advantage of business opportunities, leveraging the skills of Librium workers.

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